Terms & Conditions


1. Payments 
1.1. By paying any part of the invoice the hirer is also agreeing to the Terms & Conditions. 
1.2. Any variations to these Terms & Conditions must be agreed to in writing by Three Birds Photo Booth. 
1.3. The required booking fee is necessary to secure the event time and date. Until this is received, the date cannot be confirmed. 
1.4. The outstanding amount must be paid by the hirer to Three Birds Photo Booth at least 21 days before the event. 
1.5. Installment payments are welcomed, provided the payment plan has been agreed to by Three Birds Photo Booth. The full payment must be received by Three Birds at least 21 days before the booked date. 
1.6. If the balance of the booking cost is not received more than 10 days before the event date, the booking will be cancelled and the booking fee and any additional payments made will not be refunded. 
1.7. If booked within 21 days of the event, full payment must be received within 4 working days of booking, any cancellation bookings will forfeit $100. 

2. Booking confirmation 
2.1. A booking is not confirmed until the client e-signs the Booking Form, pays the required booking fee and receives confirmation of the booking from Three Birds Photo Booth. 

3. Cancellation
3.1. If a booking is cancelled by the hirer more than 30 days prior to the booked date, any payments made will be refunded, less a 10% administration fee.
3.2. If a cancellation is made by the hirer within 30 days of the booked date, the 10% administration fee will not be refunded.
3.3. Three Birds must be given appropriate notice prior to any changes to the time and date of the event.
3.4 If Three Birds Photo Booth cancels a booking all payments made will be refunded to the Client.

4. Postponement 
4.1. If a client wishes to move a booking to another date it will be at the discretion of the Three Birds Photo Booth as to whether this is a viable option. In most cases a postponement can be arranged, however, if the management deems the postponement unviable, the booking will be deemed a cancellation and the above cancellation terms will apply. 

5. Hiring, delivery & service 
5.1. Delivery, set up and removal of the equipment is free of charge. Time taken to deliver, set up and remove the equipment will be outside the rental period. 
5.2. The booth attendant will aim to arrive an hour prior to hire time to set up. Earlier setup time can be arranged in discussion with Three Birds Photo Booth and an idle fee may be applied for setting up much earlier than the designated hour. 
5.3. A trained booth operator will be within close proximity of the equipment at all times to ensure smooth running. 
5.4. The hirer will be liable for any damage caused to the equipment or photo booth within the duration of the hire
5.5. If the photo booth is to be set up outdoors, the booth and attendant will require sufficient protection from the elements, to afford protection from rain, humidity, wind and/or sunlight. (Please keep in mind the wind will blow the curtains!)If you have provided cover however inclement weather occurs during the hire and the equipment and attendant are at risk, a refund will be given of the remaining hours less $100. 
5.6. Three Birds Photo Booth must agree to an outdoor setup with no cover. In this circumstance, if rain is forecast, your Photo Booth/items will not be set up outside and it is the client that is to provide a suitable indoor location for the attendant to move the Photo Booth/items indoors. If no suitable cover is provided the client will NOT be refunded.
5.7.  Three Birds Photo Booth must agree to an outdoor setup with no cover. In this circumstance, unexpected inclement weather occurs during your hire it is the hirer’s responsibility to provide a suitable indoor location for the attendant to move the Photo Booth/items indoors. If no suitable cover is provided the client will NOT be refunded the remaining hours of hire.
*If you provide suitable cover (5.5.) but it gets nasty or rains and we need to pack up you will receive a refund. If you agree to No Cover (5.6. & 5.7.) and it rains/forecasted we need to move to Plan B (inside) if you cannot provide a suitable indoors location, you will NOT receive a refund*
6. Delivery + travel fees 
6.1. A quote will be provided on request – 0-80km from Bribie Island = FREE – 80km from Bribie Island = Quote in writing 6.2. Parking in Brisbane CBD during 7am-6pm will be arranged or paid for by the hirer 

7. Workplace Health & Safety, Operational requirements
7.1. Three Birds Photo Booth require a flat, dry, smoke-free area of approximately 2m x 2.5m x 2.4m WLH (which includes space for our attendant tables)
7.2. One normal power outlet within 10 meters.

8. Use of images 
8.1. When hiring from Three Birds Photo Booth, the hirer gives permission for images taken at the event to be used on Three Bird Photo Booth website and or social media, advertising purposes (usually without any further use of names or identifying information). Please advise prior to the event if you do not give permission for your images to be used. 
8.2. Three Birds Photo Booth will not use images which are deemed unsuitable on their website or for advertising and will not use any content that may be personally damaging to any person/s. 
8.3. It is the hirer’s responsibilities to inform their guests their photos may be used in the manner outlined above. 

9. Privacy 
9.1 Three Birds Photo Booth will not sell your details to any third party and will take reasonable measures to ensure that your details remain confidential. 

10. Indemnification
10.1. Three Birds Photo Booth will not be held responsible for any circumstances outside our control. This includes, but is not limited to, fire, riot, civil commotion, accidents, acts of nature, pandemics, government restrictions, any failure of the venue to provide adequate power (power outage) or failure to provide adequate protection from the natural elements
10.2. If any fault arises with the Photo Booth we will rectify the situation as soon as possible and if possible extend the hire time after the agreed hire period to the equal time lost, If the outage is longer than one hour we will refund the balance of the hire fee, which is total hire fee less the booking fee.
10.3. Three Birds Photo Booth cannot be held in any way liable if equipment or accessories failure or damage (including electrical, water or other liquid damage) is due to any negligence, an act or fault on the part of any venue or venue staff or is due to any negligence, act or fault on the part of any client or client guest or other person using Three Birds Photo Booth at your event/function invited or not.
10.4. The client agrees that in all circumstances, Three Birds Photo Booth’s liability is limited to an amount equal to the booking cost and not be liable for indirect or consequential damages.
10.5. Three Birds Photo Booth cannot be held responsible for unforeseen delays at the venue, which are out of our control.

11.1. Three Birds operator may stop the usage at any time during the event if they feel that the equipment is being misused in a way that is dangerous to any persons or potentially damaging to the product if any items are damaged it is at a cost to the hirer to repair/replace the equipment/props or will result in the cost of Three Birds Photo Booth insurance excess.
11.2. The Photo Booth attendant reserves the right to exclude a person or persons from the photo booth if the attendant considers that person to be grossly intoxicated or behaving in an aggressive or abusive manner towards the photo booth attendant or behaving in a manner that the photo booth attendant considers may damage any of Three Bird Photo Booth property
11.3. It is the hirer responsibility to inform their guests of the terms and conditions
11.4 Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult while in the Photo Booth.

12.Floral and Champagne Wall Hire
12.1. When hiring the Floral Walls they must not be moved or sandbags removed once they are set up by a team member of Three Birds Photo Booth unless to recover from inclement weather.
12.2. A booking is not consider confirmed until the deposit has been paid and your account has been e-signed to confirm you agree with our Terms and Conditions. 
12.3. If the location of the Wall has been changed Three Birds Photo Booth must be notified 48 hours prior to set up.
12.4. The hirer will be held responsible for any damage to the Floral Wall during the time of hire any loss or damage to the Faux Florals or Wall structure will be payable within one week after the event.
12.5. The Floral Wall must be undercover or inside out of the sun, rain and strong winds unless agreed upon and confirmed by Three Birds Photo Booth. If rain occurs and the wall is getting wet during the hire it is the responsibility of the hirer to safely move the hire items/s indoors

12.6. If the weather is forecast rain Three Birds Photo Booth will not set up the Floral Wall/items outside it is the hirer’s responsibility to provide a suitable indoor location. If no suitable cover is provided Three Birds Photo Booth will not set up the Floral Wall and the hirer will NOT be refunded.
12.7. Typically your Wall is delivered to the venue on the morning of the event and collected after the event or the following morning. You must notify Three Birds Photo Booth if you would like to extend the times agreed on.
12.8. Access to the venue must be available at the agreed delivery time. If access is not available an additional set up fee may be charged. We also require a contact name and phone number or someone to be there to advise on the correct setup location.
12.9. Three Birds Photo Booth accepts no liability for any direct or consequential damage, loss or expense sustained or incurred by the hirer, venue or any third parties when moving hire items, or using them inappropriately.
13.0. Glassware damage/loss will be charged at $2 per glass and will be payable within one week after the event.
13.1. The Champagne Wall glassware inserts must not be removed unless approved by Three Birds Photo Booth management. 

Now that the nitty gritty is out of the way it’s time to get to the fun parts.